Printing paper of fedar sublimation printer is not placed correctly

September 29, 2020

Users who have used fedar sublimation printer may have encountered such problems. Printing paper of fedar sublimation printer is skewed, causing printed image to deviate from middle position of printing paper. What is cause of this situation?

Paper Fedar Sublimation Printer Not Placed Correctly


1. Cardboard tube of fedar sublimation printer is not fixed;
2. Paper is not stretched and balanced when feeding;
3. Pulled out paper and fedar sublimation printer are not in vertical balance;
4. A paper tube with a non-vertical deformation is used.


Paper placement configuration on fedar sublimation printer is that there are holders for fixing paper jam tube at both ends. First, loosen screws that fix paper holder at both ends, and place paper tube (cannot use deformed paper tube) on holder in a balanced manner. Tighten screws, introduce paper head into paper feeding platform manually, raise paper press, and manually balance pull out (here you must ensure that pulled paper is in vertical balance with fedar sublimation printer), and then lower paper press,and then you can print to test.

Fedar Sublimation Printer