Printing fabric knowledge: is pure cotton really good?

July 05, 2021

When it comes to buying clothes, most people think: The more expensive the better! Moreover, the clerk in those T-shirt shops worth a few hundred yuan often boasted: Our clothes are made of pure cotton! It seems that the more pure cotton, the better!

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Over time, when we buy clothes, we will also ask: What material is this clothes made of? Is it pure cotton?


In fact, we subconsciously think that expensive things must be of good quality. In fact, the quality of 100 yuan will definitely be better than that of 10 yuan, which is hardly questioned; but, is 1000 yuan more comfortable to wear than 100 yuan? Is 10,000 pieces more durable than 1,000 pieces? In fact, it may not be!


Pure cotton=good quality=expensive=not shrinking? Can't bear to tell everyone the truth is that T-shirts with good fabrics will definitely shrink!


Especially the cotton T-shirt with good quality and comfortable material. Because cotton fiber has strong water absorption, the fiber loses its elasticity after absorbing water, and the volume of the entire cotton fiber is reduced. (Actually, you know the principle by putting cotton in the water!) And, the higher the quality of cotton, the easier it is to shrink or stretch. Therefore, the more well-designed fabrics are, the more careful you must be when washing.


Fortunately, some professional brands will undergo alkaline treatment when the pure cotton is not woven into a cloth, and the cotton fabric can basically achieve no shrinkage. As consumers who are not familiar with fabrics, they may rely more on whether the material label is 100% cotton. Some treasure shops often reply: 100% cotton, no wrinkle, no deformation. The editor can be very responsible to tell everyone that this is definitely a lie! Because 100% cotton is easy to wrinkle and deform.


In addition, the elasticity and support of pure cotton T-shirts are relatively poor, and they do not look good on the body. Generally, it is necessary to blend a little Lycra or Modal fabric to make it more comfortable and stylish when worn. However, the so-called pure cotton does not refer to 100% cotton. As long as a piece of clothing contains 70% cotton, it can be called pure cotton.


So don't blindly worship the 100% cotton on the label of your clothes; compared to 100% cotton, you are more worthy of having pure cotton!

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Everyone who buys a T-shirt can directly see the quality of the T-shirt; is it durable? Can't afford to play the ball? Does it shrink? These are all determined by the fabric!


We just said that the most expensive and most natural cotton that Chinese people often have is not necessarily the best, and polyester fabric, a T-shirt fabric that everyone despises, has become the icing on the cake:


a: Cotton polyester: namely cotton 80% + polyester 20%
It overcomes the shortcomings of pure cotton that it is easy to wrinkle and deform, and its moisture absorption is as good as that of pure cotton. 


b: Cotton + Nylon
It is elastic and has a silky feel, making it comfortable to wear.


c: Cotton + Lycra (spandex)
The elastic fabric is more slim to shape, and it won't feel the same as it is wrapped when worn next to the body. 


d: Modal

The new environmentally friendly material has water absorption and sweat wicking properties hundreds of times stronger than cotton. The only drawback is that it is easy to change. If you add polyester or Lycra blends, it will be very good.


e: 100% polyester
The functional fabrics of ADIDAS and NIKE are suitable for sports wear and can evaporate sweat in time.


Moreover, there are some people who are naturally allergic to cotton, so for these people, the above five alternative materials give them more choices. Therefore, when we choose clothes, we must have some basic fabric knowledge to avoid getting into the pit!


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