Printer inkjet technology development determines printing accuracy

June 18, 2020

Inkjet technology is an important factor that determines the development of the inkjet printer market. The same is true for wide format printing of printers. The advancement of inkjet technology has made the printer develop to higher printing accuracy. Under the effective control of the camera, high-precision output can be achieved.


Does the ink dot assembly affect the overall effect during the printing process? During the printing process, the controllability of the ink dots will directly affect the effect of the picture. For example, the previous thermal foam inkjet technology printer, due to the limitations of the thermal foam inkjet printing principle, makes the size of ink droplets unable to achieve effective size control. Therefore, the thermal foaming machine inkjet printer has low accuracy,so it can be said that the inkjet technology directly affects the accuracy of the printed output image.


However, the development of piezoelectric inkjet technology has improved the accuracy of inkjet printing output, because the application of piezoelectric inkjet technology has greatly improved the size control of ink droplets, and the ability is stronger, the shape of the ink droplet particles is more regular, the positioning is more accurate, the printing resolution is improved, and it is easy to achieve high-precision printing. In addition, the micro piezoelectric inkjet does not need to be heated, and the ink will not undergo chemical changes due to heat, which reduces the requirements for ink and extends the life of the print head. Due to the continuous temperature stability, the viscosity and surface tension of the ink remain relatively stable during long-term uninterrupted printing, ensuring the consistency of the print quality before and after.


Choosing a piezoelectric printing machine can achieve your higher printing speed and printing accuracy. Piezo inkjet technology can effectively control the size of ink droplets and achieve a clearer printout.

Inkjet Technology Determines Printing Accuracy