Precautions for using digital printing machine in summer

May 11, 2020

The working environment of the fedar digital printing machine is also affected by temperature and humidity. High temperature will affect the normal operation of the fedar digital printing machine and the printing quality of it. Therefore, you must pay attention to these matters when using the printer in summer.


1. The best indoor temperature for digital printing machine is between 15-30 degrees. Under high temperature, it is necessary to use the fan or air conditioner.


2.The working humidity of the fedar digital printing machine is generally controlled at 35% -65%. When the temperature is high, the air is easy to dry. At this time, static electricity is easy to generate. In the case of ensuring indoor humidity, the fedar digital printing machine should be grounded to prevent static electricity.


3. In high temperature environment, don't connect too many devices to a slot, digital printing machine and computer can be specially equipped with a slot. Other electrical appliances such as dryers / chargers / fans / air conditioners need to be equipped with a separate socket, pay attention to the safety of electricity.


4.If the humidity is too high, it will affect the drying speed. In order to prevent the printing ink from sticking together when winding, it is recommended to use a cooling fan for air drying.


5. When it is rainy in summer, the wet weather affects the normal use of the fedar printer. It is recommended to use a dehumidifier to dehumidify. At the same time, the main body of the printer should be covered to prevent the moist air from invading the relevant circuit boards and components.


6. In order to ensure the stable and continuous operation of the digital printer in summer, we must strictly pay attention to control the indoor temperature and humidity. It is best to place a thermometer and hygrometer indoors to facilitate real-time viewing and timely adjustment.


7. Pay attention to daily dustproof to ensure a relatively clean production environment. If the air is full of particles or dust during the printing process, it will affect the printing quality.


Do you know these precautions when using printer in summer? The precautions of the fedar digital printing machine are different in different seasons. Doing the precautions for summer use not only ensures the normal working efficiency, but also extends the service life of the digital printing machine.

Precautions for Using Printer in Summer