Precautions for electrostatic protection of Fedar sublimation printer

April 16, 2021

As a kind of precision printing machine, Fedar sublimation printer is necessary to prevent static electricity. Especially when climate is dry, sublimation textile printer will generate a lot of static electricity, which directly damages electronic components such as print head and circuit. So how do we prevent static electricity?

Sublimation Textile Printer

1. Ground Fedar sublimation printer. Connecting ground wire to sublimation textile printer can ensure that current on Fedar sublimation printer is led to ground at first time, avoiding damage to equipment components, and can also improve drawing effect of Fedar sublimation printer.


2. Use high-quality printing media for Fedar sublimation printer. During printing process, high-quality printing materials will reduce generation of static electricity.


3. Control room temperature and humidity. The most suitable working environment temperature of Fedar sublimation printer is 15℃-30℃, and humidity is 35%-65%. Keeping sublimation textile printer in best condition can reduce static electricity damage.


4. Choose a suitable printing speed of Fedar sublimation printer. Studies have shown that after speed is reduced, electron cloud is in a stable state, electrons will not dissociate, and probability of static electricity is lowest. It can be seen that the higher printing speed, the better.

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