Precautions for daily use of digital printing machine

June 01, 2021

In recent years, digital printing machines have gradually occupied the mainstream position in the printing and dyeing industry by virtue of their convenient use, environmentally friendly and fashionable output effects, and rapid batch printing. As more and more users use digital printing machines, the precautions for daily use of sublimation printer become more important, so everyone must understand.

Digital Printing Machine
1. Matters needing attention before operation
After the digital printing machine is unpacked, it is recommended to keep the relevant packaging and place it (such as wooden boxes or cartons, related packaging materials, etc.), so as to facilitate the future transportation of the digital printing machine. If the digital printing machine needs to be transferred to the workplace, Using the original packaging can effectively protect the digital printing machine during transportation; when placing the digital printing machine, place the digital printing machine on a plane that is horizontal and larger than the digital printing machine, and keep the digital printing machine working. Horizontal and stable without shaking. If the digital printing machine is inclined or has a certain angle, it will affect the normal operation of the digital printing machine.

2.the operation process should be standardized
1)Every equipment has its own standardized operation process, digital printing machine is no exception, and the equipment that has spent huge sums of money should be carried out in strict accordance with the process to avoid the consequences of malfunctions or poor printing effects caused by improper operation . Standardized operation can make the equipment work smoothly, increase the production efficiency of the enterprise, and at the same time extend the service life of the equipment.
2)Before the printing machine works normally, first print a test strip to check the condition of the nozzle; also pay attention to the circuit load to prevent sudden power failure during the normal operation of the digital printing machine, which may cause damage to the precision chips inside the equipment.
3) Finally, the operators must have certain professional and proficient operating skills and knowledge. If necessary, they must be trained and inspected regularly to ensure the correct and safe use of the printing machine.

3. the ink must be selected
Ink is the most important consumable in the digital printing machine, so the ink has a great influence on the printing machine. Good ink has good compatibility, and the printed pictures are clear and beautiful; inferior ink not only has poor printing results, but also easily clog the nozzles of the printing machine and even damage the nozzles. Therefore, in daily life, it is recommended to choose high-quality ink consumables from the original equipment of the equipment.

Sublimation Printer attention to temperature and humidity
As a kind of sophisticated equipment, the digital printing machine also has certain requirements for the environment. The best indoor working temperature of the digital printing machine is 20℃-35℃, and the best indoor humidity is 35%-65%. Whether the temperature or humidity is too high or too low, it will damage the printing machine. Especially in rainy weather and hot summer, users should pay special attention to the working environment of the printing machine. If necessary, they can be equipped with air conditioners or other devices for manual operation. Adjust indoor temperature and humidity.

5. other matters needing attention
Do not stick debris, other paper, etc. on the domestic digital printing machine, otherwise it will easily damage the surface coating of the digital printing machine. Pay attention to the daily maintenance of the digital printing machine, such as timely cleaning up dust and other ink marks.
The above is the precautions for the daily use of the digital printing machine compiled by the editor. Paying attention to these details can prolong the service life of the machine and ensure the output picture effect. If you need to know about other functions and technical issues of the digital printing machine,Please log on to our official website:

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