Precautions before and after using the banner printer

March 30, 2020

The inkjet printing machine and consumables introduced in the advertising inkjet industry have gradually increased and at the same time,the price of advertising inkjet printing has also fallen.
Especially under the development of banner printer technology, with more stable performance, more mature piezoelectric inkjet technology and high-speed and high-precision printing applications, advertising inkjet printing has achieved low prices and high quality picture, more satisfactory print results.
This application environment has greatly promoted the needs of customers. More and more businesses and users have purchased printer. The increase in the number of printer has increased the confidence of advertising manufacturers, and of course, it has also promoted the rapid development of the advertising inkjet printing industry. With the development of the advertising industry and the advancement of technology, the application field of banner printer is becoming increasingly widespread. When using banner printer, should we pay attention to operational matters?
1. When checking or replacing the core board or printhead,be sure to disconnect the power supply first and take anti-static measures.
2. The banner printer is sensitive to static electricity. The ground wire of the printer should be handled under the guidance of the installer.
3. Before operating printer, you must check whether the power supply and printer are operating normally.
4. Do not start or operate the printer that is not used by yourself.
5. Keep the inkjet printing machine and tools clean and tidy at all times to maintain their good performance.
6. The picture in the computer system should be cleaned at any time to ensure that there is enough space on the hard disk.
7. When using the inkjet software, you cannot open other programs, nor can you open two inkjet programs.
8. Files cannot be transferred to the control computer during the printing process.
9. The data transmission cable in the ink chain must be regularly checked for wear and tear to ensure that there are no open circuits, short circuits and signal interference.
10. Do not push the car when the motor is electrified, otherwise, it will easily cause various misalignment.
11. The parameters of the driver have been adjusted at the factory, and the user cannot modify it without permission. If the motor fails, please observe the motor report for details. The parameter settings of the computer system cannot be changed, especially when reinstalling the system to ensure that the settings are accurate.
12. The timing belt tension should be appropriate, too tight, too loose will not work, use the adjustment bolt to adjust.
13. Each pipe connection of the ink supply system must ensure that there is no leakage. Check whether the ink supply condition of the ink cartridge is normal, make sure that there is no air leakage at the ink supply tube interface of the printhead, and that there is no air bubble in the ink supply tube, otherwise there will be insufficient ink supply.
14. The ink should be supplied before the printhead is powered on, because ink is the main way to take away the heat from the printhead.
15. A car cover should be used when spraying to prevent the ink from contaminating the nozzle and the connection port, otherwise, it may easily cause a short circuit accident and damage the nozzle.
We should pay attention to various inspections and maintenance before and after the banner printer is used. In this way, the service life of the printer can be increased, and the return on profits can be obtained with less investment costs.

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