Precautions after Fedar DTF printer is not used for a long time

April 09, 2021

If t shirt printer is not used for a long time, it is easy to cause nozzle clogging, causing various printing problems, such as oblique jet, ink flying, and offset needle, shortening life of nozzle, and even causing nozzle to be scrapped. So what should I pay attention to after Fedar DTF printer is not used for a long time?

Fedar DTF Printer

1. Before starting up, make sure that working environment of Fedar DTF printer reaches best temperature and humidity, specific temperature is 15℃-30℃, and humidity is 35%-65%. Preheat large ink cartridge and secondary ink cartridge, and check whether ink in ink cartridge has solidified.


2. Please check Fedar DTF printer carefully to ensure that all parts are installed in place. Then print nozzle test strip to check whether t shirt printer nozzle is normal.


3. In daily use of Fedar DTF printer, ink path system is generally cleaned once every 3 months, and replaced once every 6 months. All must be replaced in 12 months to ensure that ink path is unobstructed, free of impurities, and to prevent nozzle blockage.

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