Nozzle missing during fedar sublimation printer working

October 15, 2020

How to solve problem of nozzle missing during use of fedar sublimation printer? Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers have summarized some common problems and solutions, hoping to help you solve problem of nozzle missing.

Nozzle Missing Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Find reason from ink. For some bad quality inks, ink will be unstable when temperature is higher than 33 degrees or lower than 5 degrees. Therefore, it is recommended to adjust temperature of working environment of fedar sublimation printer and use high-quality original ink from manufacturer.

2.We can use cleaning operation to solve problem of fedar sublimation printer nozzle missing, but when cleaning operation cannot solve,following methods can be used to find cause and solution:


①Cleaning effect is not good. It is mainly manifested in that there are always nozzle missing during each cleaning, and nozzle missing are not fixed. fedar sublimation printer ink absorption effect is not good, and waste ink tube is not ink but a large number of bubbles. In above situation, you need to readjust capping station and position of capping station cap to achieve better cleaning effect. If a lot of bubbles appear in waste ink tube during cleaning, it proves that there is air leak between capping station cap and printhead.

②Nozzle missing for a period of time after printing, but there are not many holes, mainly in one color. This phenomenon is mainly caused by large bubbles in front of ink cartridge or in middle of ink tube. Need to check whether there are a lot of bubbles in middle fedar sublimation printer ink tube.

③After turning on fedar sublimation printer, capping station click to turn in one direction and make continuous clicking sound. It may be caused by scraper sensor not detecting baffle or damage of scraper sensor signal line.


④Each cleaning effect is very good when using fedar sublimation printer cleaning operation, but once printing starts, a large area of ink will nozzle missing in a certain color. Generally, if printing continues, a row of nozzles will be completely has nozzle missing. This situation is likely to be caused by air leakage from damper, and interface between copper sleeve and the O-ring needs to be checked. Also, if nozzle of nozzle missing is on edge of nozzle, you need to check whether capping station cap and nozzle are not completely matched. When cleaning, ink can be sucked down, but ink behind is nozzle missing due to insufficient supply.

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