Normal repair and maintenance of digital printing machine

May 18, 2020

With the rapid development of science and technology in the 21st century, people's pursuit of clothing, home furnishing and handicrafts is getting higher and higher. Traditional printing patterns, colors, types, etc. can no longer meet the requirements of consumers. Under this background, digital printing technology has emerged.Compared with traditional printing, digital printing is easier to operate, and the patterns and colors produced are all consumers' favorite. Therefore, the new digital printing machine is also sought after by printing companies, but now digital printing machines, both the speed and accuracy have been greatly improved, of course, the price is very expensive, which requires users to pay attention to maintenance during normal use, to maintain the best working condition. So how to maintain the digital printing machine?


First, the maintenance of the nozzle
1. Without turning off the power switch and cutting off the main power supply, do not arbitrarily install and disassemble the digital printed circuit;
2. Pay attention to the strength of the hand during the replacement and fine-tuning of the print head. Do not use brute force to avoid scratching the print head and affecting the print quality;
3. Clean the nozzle regularly;
4. New damper should be replaced regularly;
5. Do not mix two different inks during the printing process;
6. After the nozzle is disassembled, it should be cleaned and put in a special box to avoid dust and other debris;
7. Don't use media with poor quality. If the media is too poor, it will easily damage the nozzle;
8. Before each end of the work, a test strip must be printed, and all nozzles should be properly ejected.


Second, keep a clean environment
1. The room should be dustproof and cannot be placed in an environment prone to smoke and dust. It is best to clean the ground with a vacuum cleaner;
2. Try to maintain a constant temperature and humidity environment. Generally, the temperature is around 18 ℃ -30 ℃, and the humidity is around 35% -65%;
3. Keep the surface of the machine empty and cannot place any objects, especially liquids;
4. There should be no commonly used household appliances near the machine, and keep away from large magnetic fields and electric fields.


Third, the maintenance and repair of machine parts
1. Regular inspection and maintenance of some important parts and components, timely replacement of wear and failure, and timely repair;
2. A good habit of daily inspection should be developed, pay attention to the printing effect when printing, and solve problems in time.


The current high-speed digital printing machine is just the breakthrough period of rapid technological development. The speed of the Fedar 8-head machine listed on the market can reach 336㎡ / h. The price of this high-speed digital printer is relatively high, which is suitable for large-scale mass production.Once the industrial-grade digital printing machine is put into production, the task it shoulders is a printing task that lasts for thousands of hours. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the machine is more important.

Keep A Clean Printing Environment