Matters needing attention when installing board of Fedar sublimation printer

November 30, 2020

Users who have been engaged in Fedar sublimation printer industry for many years generally know working principle of Fedar sublimation printer and master certain troubleshooting skills. Therefore, it is not difficult to install and debug printer by yourself. Here, Fedar sublimation printer technician said that during process of installing motherboard and the car board, following points should be paid attention to.

Fedar Sublimation Printer Install Board

1. Power off. In order to prevent Fedar sublimation printer from being damaged by strong currents, before turning on power, make sure that all sockets on board are correctly installed. After making sure that it is correct, turn on power again.


2. Data line interface. Each data line has a specific interface corresponding to it.A socket must be connected to A socket on trolley board of Fedar sublimation printer, and B socket data line must also be connected with B socket. Wrong wiring can easily lead to damage of board chip.


3. Installation skills. Data line socket on trolley board of Fedar sublimation printer, contact belt socket and data line socket on main board are all connectors with locks. When using,locks must be opened (lifted up) before data cable or contact belt can be placed vertically,and then press lock down again. Never insert it forcibly while lock is closed. The side of data cable with silver pin should be in contact with contact surface with pin on socket.


Finally, you need to pay special attention to that, if you encounter uncertain situations during installation and commissioning process, you must first contact technicians of Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer, and do not try blindly to avoid burning printer.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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