Matters needing attention in work of Fedar direct to textile printer

March 05, 2021

Fedar direct to textile printer is a large format printing machine. In addition to correct operation, it is indispensable for maintenance. If you do not pay attention to maintenance in normal use, it is prone to failures such as print disconnection and nozzle missing.

Fedar Direct To Textile Printer

1. Fedar direct to textile printer is sensitive to static electricity. ground wire of Fedar direct to textile printer should be installed under guidance of installer.

2. When operating control panel or print head of Fedar direct to textile printer, be sure to cut off power first, and take anti-static measures.

3. Inkjet files in computer system should be organized at any time to ensure that hard disk has enough space.

4. When software is in use, other programs cannot be opened, nor can two inkjet programs be opened.

5. Do not transfer files to control computer during direct to textile printer working process.

6. Parameter settings of computer system cannot be changed, especially when reinstalling system to ensure that settings are accurate.

7. Do not push trolley when motor is energized, otherwise, various dislocations will easily occur.

8. Tension of synchronous pulley belt of Fedar direct to textile printer should be appropriate, too tight or too loose will not work.

9. Noise of trolley is increased, and wear of slider or guide rail should be checked.

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