Maintenance tips for digital printing machines in low temperature weather

June 28, 2021

1. when the weather is low, the humidity of the air drops and static electricity is easy to breed. The printing machine will generate a lot of static electricity during normal printing operation, and static electricity will cause damage to the digital printing machine's printheads, circuits and other electronic components. When using plastic-based materials, such as PP, adhesive and other media, a large amount of static electricity will also be generated, which may damage the printhead or cause the accumulation of impurities and cause the printhead to be blocked and damaged.


Therefore, the fedar digital printing machine reminds everyone to take anti-static measures for the printing machine in daily work. The textile printer must be grounded, the depth of the grounding wire is not less than 2 meters. At the same time, the indoor humidity is maintained between 35%-65%, so that the digital printing machine can be in an optimal printing state.

Digital Printing Machines

2. ink is a volatile liquid, which is easily affected when the temperature changes too much. As the temperature decreases, the viscosity of the ink increases and the fluidity becomes worse. Unsmooth ink will damage the piezoelectric ceramic inside the printhead and cause printhead fatigue, causing problems such as vertical lines on the inkjet surface and frequent ink breaks. Therefore, Feidi printing machine recommends that you keep the ink at a temperature of 18℃-30℃ to ensure that the characteristics of the ink are not affected by temperature. In addition, choose the manufacturer's original ink, which has good compatibility with the equipment, strong color expression, continuous output for a long time, and good printing stability at high and low temperatures.


3.remind everyone that when the air humidity is low, the air will contain a lot of dust. After you use the printing machine, you must take dust protection, such as covering the printing machine cover, returning the small carriage, etc., to prevent dust from entering The inside of the device affects the normal printing of the printhead.

Digital Printing Machines

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