Maintenance of ink supply tube of fedar sublimation printer

October 10, 2020

Ink supply tube of fedar sublimation printer is connecting channel between print head and ink cartridge. Usually, fedar sublimation printer consists of a row of 8 ink tubes, which are responsible for conveying ink to printhead.Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer summarized some maintenance methods.
Maintenance Fedar Sublimation Printer Ink Supply Tube
1.First of all, the ink tube of fedar sublimation printer must have high-quality corrosion resistance, so production material must have strong corrosion resistance and toughness. If ink tube is not flexible, then ink tube rupture and air leakage will occur at part where ink tube is connected to printhead. Therefore, in order to better protect toughness of ink tube during layout of ink tube of fedar sublimation printer, many manufacturers install tank chain drag chain on outer layer of ink tube, which can effectively protect ink tube during printing process of fedar sublimation printer.


2. In addition,corrosion resistance of ink tube of fedar sublimation printer is equally important. If ink tube cannot resist contamination and corrosion of ink, then every part of ink tube will not be safe in ink supply project, and even entire ink tube will be caused by corrosion and ink leakage are more harmful than insufficient toughness.

3. In addition to selection of ink tubes, you should also pay attention to maintenance work during use of fedar sublimation printer. Do not disassemble or install ink tubes casually. Pay attention to tightness of ink tubes and joints; pay attention to check integrity of ink tubes. And do not let other ink precipitation or other impurities cause solidification of ink to block ink supply tube.

Therefore,use and maintenance of ink supply tube of fedar sublimation printer is very important, you must pay attention to it.

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