Maintenance of fedar sublimation printer

September 28, 2020

In order to make fedar sublimation printer have longer life, it is inseparable from maintenance work,such as,maintenance of fedar sublimation printer head.
Maintenance Fedar Sublimation Printer
Fedar sublimation printer is very precise machine. If indoor temperature is low and humidity is high, temperature of fedar sublimation printer will rise after starting, which will cause water vapor to condense on various parts of fedar sublimation printer, causing corrosion of parts and shorten service life of fedar sublimation printer, etc.

After understanding these, you should pay attention to it during use and maintenance of fedar sublimation printer.


1. Keep indoor temperature of fedar sublimation printer not too low. When necessary, you can turn on heating equipment such as air conditioning to control room temperature at 20°C-35°C.

2. Do not open windows for a long time in rainy days to avoid moisture intrusion, pay attention to indoor humidity changes, indoor dehumidification is required when humidity is too high for fedar sublimation printer.

3.After finishing work of fedar sublimation printer every day, make sure that carriage returns to its position and fedar sublimation printer head and cap are completely tightly closed before turning off power. Then cover printing machine with dust-proof cloth to prevent dust and moisture intrusion. All fedar sublimation printer users can equip printing machine with a dust cover, which can be used all year round.


4. Before turning on fedar sublimation printer in the morning, observe whether room temperature is too low. If it is too low, please take measures to adjust temperature first, and then turn on fedar sublimation printer after turning on power. Remember to never start fedar sublimation printer directly regardless of room temperature, because recent weather is rainy and the air is relatively humid.

Fedar Sublimation Printer