Maintenance of fedar sublimation epson printer head

August 10, 2020

Fedar sublimation printer Epson heads are very popular among users in the market because of high-quality performance, excellent print effects and high work efficiency. But after a period of use, Epson print heads will have problems such as ink crossover, plugging and ink leakage. How can users solve these problems?


1.Relatively speaking, long-term printing is better than long-term maintenance and placement, so that the ink in the Epson head is always flowing, and the nozzle are not easy to block.


2.If fedar sublimation epson printer head is in the flash spray state (all epson printer heads are sprayed once every few seconds), the nozzles are not easy to be blocked, which is good for dredging the nozzles.


3.The printing work cannot last for a long time, which will increase the load on the nozzle structure, especially if the plugging of the epson printer head reaches a certain number.


4.The corresponding ink pump should be used for the corresponding epson printer head. The power of the ink pump is proportional to epson printer head type (number of nozzle).


5.When installing and disassembling fedar sublimation epson printer head, be sure to hold properly, and it may cause damage by dropping fedar sublimation epson printer head.

Fedar Sublimation Epson Printer Head