Maintenance of Fedar sublimation printer in cold weather

November 13, 2020

Influence of low temperature on Fedar sublimation printer cannot be ignored, it will directly affect normal operation of Fedar sublimation printer. So, how to maintain Fedar sublimation printer?

Maintenance Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Pay attention to operating room environment

Lowering of the temperature will not only slow down drying speed of pictures, but also easily caus blockage of Fedar sublimation printer head. Therefore, in order to ensure normal and smooth output of Fedar sublimation printer, we must first pay attention to working environment.


2. Cleaning and maintenance accessories of Fedar sublimation printer

In a low temperature climate, in order to ensure effective, stable and continuous output of Fedar sublimation printer, relevant cleaning and maintenance work must be done.


①Fedar sublimation printer head. First clean moisturizing sponge with cleaning liquid, and then soak sponge with cleaning liquid, move Fedar sublimation printer head back to the rightmost capping station, and make Fedar sublimation printer head and moisturizing sponge tightly integrated, to prevent sponge from being too dry in winter to ensure cleaning and moisturizing of Fedar sublimation printer head .


②Guide rail. After turning on power of Fedar sublimation printer every day, let trolley drive back and forth several times, dirt in guide rail slider will remain on guide rail, and then use a cotton swab to wipe. In addition, in winter, it is recommended to use lubricating oil to maintain guide rail once every two weeks to ensure smoothness.


③Encoder strip.Encoder strip is a transparent film behind frame of Fedar sublimation printer, which plays a role in positioning. If encoder strip is dirty, ghosting will occur. Use a cotton swab to clean both sides, but do not use brute force.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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