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April 17, 2020

Leather is animal skin that has been denatured and is not perishable after physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. Its surface has a special grain surface layer, with natural grain and luster, and comfortable feel, so it is widely used in shoes, packaging, luggage, clothing, household appliances, musical instruments and other industries. Today's market requires personalized leather products with fashionable elements, and traditional leather products can no longer meet people's needs. How can leather products keep up with the development of the market?

In the current leather products market, personalized, small batch, high-precision, environmentally friendly printed leather products have become fashionable demands. The traditional leather printing has not met this demand, and a new type of leather printer came out. The leather printing machine has got rid of the traditional processes such as color separation, filmmaking, and screen making, and has the revolutionary advantages of simple operation, high efficiency, no pollution, low investment, and high return, which has brought unprecedented development opportunities to the leather printing industry.

Fedar Inket Printer

Leather printing machine, also known as leather color printing machine or flatbed printer, is the most practical machine on the market for personalized leather printing. It is a "non-contact" inkjet printing high-tech digital printing machine, which can carry out color patterns on the surface of any material. It is different from traditional screen printing and other processes which is only suitable for mass production.But whether it is a simple block color pattern, a full-color pattern or a pattern with excessive colors, it can be printed at one time, fully meeting the production requirements of high-strength batch or personalized custom printing in various industries, thereby significantly improving the market Competitiveness. Leather printing machine has the following characteristics:
1.One printing, no need to make a plate, low cost; can print multiple different patterns at the same time, to solve the personalized and diverse pattern printing needs on the market.
2. No material is selected, any material can be printed, good compatibility, and the printing height can reach 100mm.
3.Multi-color printing at one time, no color registration, perfect color transition, high printing accuracy, printed products are rich in color, clear and bright.
4.The printing speed is fast, the operation is convenient and fast, no personnel are dependent, one step is in place, and no process is required in the middle.
5.The image quality is high,strong stability,and it will never fade.It is waterproof, sun-proof, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly.

Leather Printing Machine