Introduce 3 types of fabrics are favored by customers of Fedar textile printer

March 06, 2020

1.Woven polyester-cotton reactive printing cloth.
Woven polyester-cotton reactive printing cloth, polyester-cotton jacquard cloth, polyester-cotton jacquard cloth, polyester-cotton cut flower cloth, polyester-cotton burned cloth, etc. are mainly made of polyester-cotton blended yarn

2.Creative fabrics for spring and summer.
The spot purchase and order acceptance of printed T / C polyester / cotton cloth mainly for spring and summer women's clothing increased slightly, and the sales volume expanded slightly. The courier company sent samples and small batch shipments increased slightly. Variety orders increased slightly, and the new spring and summer pattern fabrics clearly occupied the marketing advantage.

3.Fashionable women's thin printed polyester-cotton cloth.
Fashionable women made printed polyester-cotton cloth for spring and summer casual tops and made thin printed polyester-cotton cloth for women's spring-summer casual shirts, suits, shorts, and skirts. Orders from local customers increased slightly, and the sales volume fluctuated slightly.

As the fabric market is hot, you need a Fedar textile printer FD1900/FD5193/FD6194/FD6196 to expand your business.

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