Instructions for safe electricity use of digital printing machines

June 30, 2021

As a professional inkjet equipment, the digital printing machine cannot do without the support of electricity in its daily work. Electricity is a very dangerous energy. Everyone needs to be very careful when using it.

Digital Printing Machines

Electricity safety


1. Do not use damaged or worn power cords. If the power cord is damaged, please do not handle it by yourself. Otherwise, electric leakage may occur in the damaged area, which may cause a fire or short circuit. It is recommended to ask a professional to handle it.


2. Make sure that the power cord is firmly inserted into the power socket, and be careful not to bundle or twist the power cord. At the same time, avoid using the same power socket for multiple devices, and the power socket of the printing machine must be dedicated to a dedicated line.


3. Do not use a power cord that does not match the model of this product, and do not use the power supply voltage according to the instructions, otherwise it may cause a fire or a short circuit.

Digital Printing Machines

4. Static electricity is everywhere, and the printing machine will also generate static electricity during the normal working process. The hazards of static electricity are well known, so it is recommended that users must ground the printing machine.


5.Under normal circumstances, do not use additional power cords. If you must use an additional power cord, remember that the current of the device plugged into the additional power cord should not exceed the rated current of the power supply. In addition, remember that the total current of all devices plugged into the socket should not exceed the rated current of the socket.


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Digital Printing Machines