Ink starving alarm system makes the operation more intelligent

April 16, 2020

The Fedar FD6198E digital printing machine is the main model of the Fedar brand. Since its launch, the Fedar team has been keeping up with the market trend feedback and constantly updating and optimizing the device. A few days ago, FD6198E digital printing machine has made new changes, and added an intelligent ink starving alarm system.

Ink is a consumable item in the printing process. It needs to be continuously added during the normal operation of the digital printing machine to ensure uninterrupted printing. At present, many other brands of printer on the market are not equipped with intelligent ink starving alarm system, and can only rely on the experience of the operator and frequent viewing to ensure continuous ink printing. In order to save the tediousness of frequent checking by the operator, the FD6198E digital printing machine of the Fedar series has added an intelligent alarm for lack of ink.
The FD6198E digital printing machine's secondary ink supply system is equipped with an ink starving alarm system. When the ink is about to run out, it will remind the operator to add ink in time, avoiding the operator's frequent checking of the amount of ink, greatly improving the work efficiency. At the same time, an ink starving alarm system is installed at each of the four ink cartridges to make the ink shortage alarm reminder more accurate.
A printing machine is good or not, in addition to looking at the printout effect, the details can also be discovered. For example, Fedar FD6198E, on the basis of ensuring the stability of the device and the strong color performance of the output image, further improves and optimizes the details, and is committed to bringing users a better experience.
Fedar brand never stops at the moment.And the team is still tirelessly conducting R & D experiments. In the future, more humanized and intelligent designs will be waiting for you to experience!

Printer Ink Starving Alarm System