Influencing factors of thermal transfer printing technology

April 23, 2020

As an important link in the entire printing process, thermal transfer is closely related to other printing processes. How to control the stability of this process is an important guarantee for the quality of printing.
1. Thermal transfer printing head
The speed of fedar thermal transfer printing depends on the time required for each line of text. Therefore, the thermal transfer printing head and the transfer paper should have good heat transfer properties, so that the heat generated by the heating element can be quickly transferred to the surface of the substrate through the protective layer, the transfer paper substrate and the gap to ensure that the ink has sufficient transfer time.
2. Ink
When printing, the different viscosity of inks is directly related to the heating temperature, and the heating temperature and the viscosity of the ink should be strictly controlled. Generally, the closer the ink is to this state, the better the thermal transfer transfer performance.
3. Thermal transfer media
The substrate of transfer paper is generally divided into paper substrate, polyester substrate and celluloid substrate. Different substrates have different properties. For example, the material of the thermal transfer paper must be able to withstand the influence of the transfer temperature of the thermal transfer printer, and keep its nature unchanged.
4. Substrate
The printing quality of the substrate with a little rough surface is better, which is a significant feature of thermal transfer. Because this indicates that the substrate has a large surface energy, the ink on the transfer paper can be transferred to the substrate well, and the ideal level and tone can be obtained; However, too rough will affect the normal transfer of ink, which is not conducive to the realization of the printing process.
With the development of thermal transfer technology, the apply range of thermal transfer printer can be continuously expanded, and it has also been applied to many industries, such as the plastic processing industry. The process of thermal transfer printer has the advantages of simple, fast and pollution-free, the printed products have rich layers, bright colors, high precision and good picture quality.

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