In the rainy season, the climate is humid, so the Fedar printing machine should be protected well

June 24, 2021

In the rainy season, it's not a problem to stay for a week. There is a lot of rain and the air is humid. If the protection is not in place, the Fedar printing machine may have unexpected problems.

Fedar Printing Machine

Let's take a look at the autumn rainy weather with fedar, and what kind of protection the textile printer should do!


1. rain protection. There is an idiom that goes well: storms, wind and rain are standard equipment, and the wind is especially easy to blow rain into any corner. Therefore, indoor vents such as doors and windows must be closed tightly to prevent rain from entering the room. , Wetting equipment or consumables.


2.moisture-proof. Continuous rain will cause the humidity in the air to increase suddenly, and moisture will invade the electronic components and accessories of the printing machine, which will cause the printing machine to become damp and cause printing failure. Therefore, it is recommended that you should install an air conditioner with dehumidification function indoors. In the weather with heavy rain, dehumidify the room in time. attention to some details. For example, if the weather is too humid, the screen drying speed will be slower, you can turn on the external dryer to speed up the drying speed; in addition, the printing medium, which is more susceptible to moisture, should be properly placed to avoid direct contact with the ground and walls.

In special weather, the special protection of the printing machine can not only keep the printing machine in a good printing state, but also extend the service life of the printing machine and maximize the profit.

Fedar Printing Machine

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