In the post-epidemic era, the printing industry continues to rejuvenate

June 07, 2021

Surely everyone will not forget that the raging new crown epidemic in 2020 has made many grand festivals a lot lighter. Cakes for birthdays can be made by yourself. Gifts can only be made by hand. New clothes bought for the New Year can only be hidden in the closet.

Digital Printing Machine

Mr. Lu Xun once said: If you don't break out in silence, you will perish in silence. After people from all over the country worked together and bravely resisted the war, my country's epidemic prevention and control war has won a major victory. In the post-epidemic era, all walks of life are recovering rapidly, and the year of the ox is bullish, which has become the expectation of all people in the country. Under such circumstances, the inkjet printer factory has also achieved significant results.


The hot summer came quietly, and the temperature in some areas even soared to 35 degrees. They put on their coats in the morning and put on yarn at noon. Walking on the street, many girls in floral dresses became a beautiful landscape. The coming Mother's Day has once again become a marketing gimmick in all major industries.


Among them, various ingenious customized pillows and printed clothing with gift boxes have become the gifts that people are vying to buy.


Behind this, although there are many gimmicks that major businessmen use to promote the situation, the root is the long-standing filial piety culture of the Chinese nation. In this state, the printing industry continues to sprung up, bringing surprises to consumers.


When you pay attention to all kinds of exquisite gifts, you must be very curious about the craftsmanship and processing tools behind them! That's right, digital printing machine, the artifact of printing processing, is the secret to surprise you.

Printing process:

Digital Printing Machine

Isn’t it amazing? But what you don't know is that every digital printing machine is the result of continuous experimentation and testing by countless R&D personnel. As large as the printing platform, as small as a screw, all affect the performance of the textile printer machine. Among them, Fedar  team is definitely a model in the industry.


"What the market needs, we will make it!" This is the direction of our efforts.


"Let the color fill thousands of households because of our equipment!" This is our goal.


"There is no best, only better, innovation, we never stop!" This is the criterion of our efforts.


If you have used Fedar’s textile printer machine, you will be full of praise for its excellent performance, its after-sales service, and its exquisite patterns!


Zhengzhou New Century Digital Technology Co., Ltd.,- (Fedar a high-tech enterprise specializing in research, manufacture, sale and service of sublimation printer,digital textile printer ,inkjet heat transfer printing machine and related consumables.


By cooperating with world famous printhead manufacturers and software suppliers, we integrate exquisite and practical technology into our products. Up to now, fedar printer has independently developed a series of mature products.

Digital Printing Machine