Importance of using original ink for fedar inkjet t shirt printer

August 25, 2020

Many printer users will be told to use the manufacturer's original ink when buying fedar inkjet t shirt printer instead of buying ink by themselves. This situation is very common, and I will explain to you why you should use the original ink of fedar printer.

Using Origina Ink for Fedar Inkjet T Shirt Printer Head

The reason why I recommend you to use original ink is that there are many benefits. The clogging of printer head is a failure that many printer users have encountered, and most of this failure is because users are greedy for cheap and choose other unknown inferior inks. However, these inks are not as pure as the original inks, and the impurities contained in them will naturally cause printer head blockage. From development to production, the inks of fedar inkjet t shirt printer manufacturers have undergone strict various index tests to ensure that printer head will not be blocked. If you buy other inks from the market, the seller's ink quality cannot be guaranteed, and of course it is not guaranteed to be suitable for the customer's corresponding inkjet t shirt printer. The adverse consequences caused by the user must also be borne by the user.


In addition, from a cost point of view, the price of fedar inkjet t shirt printer head is relatively high, especially for Epson head. If you break printer head just to save a little ink, then the gain is not worth the loss. In severe cases, the customer’s order may be delayed.


Based on the above reasons, fedar inkjet t shirt printer manufacturers remind users that the ink must be the original manufacturer. Different inks have different properties and chemical compositions. Original inks will not only not clog the printer head, but also extend the service life of fedar inkjet t shirt printer. At the same time, it can make fedar inkjet t shirt printer’s printing screen more vivid, with better saturation, and high-quality printing. The effect will also make customers more satisfied.

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