Importance of Fedar sublimation printer ink

February 04, 2021

Many users have such a misunderstanding about ink of Fedar sublimation printer. They think that quality of printing depends on performance of printer, and has nothing to do with ink. In fact, ink has a direct impact on printing effect, which is also most important reason to pay attention to ink selection.

Sublimation Textile Printer

1.Ink viscosity, weather resistance, and color saturation are closely related to printed picture effect. Different sublimation textile printer has different choices of ink. You cannot choose same ink in same way. Wrong choice may cause serious damage to sublimation textile printer.


2.If there are too many impurities in ink, it will clog print head of Fedar sublimation textile printer, and nozzle missing will occur. If there are too many bubbles in ink, it will easily cause printing needle to break. Most importantly, if wrong inks of different properties are used, sublimation textile printer head may be scrapped.


3.In summary, choice of ink is very important. It is necessary to understand nature of ink for your sublimation printer. When purchasing ink, pay attention to parameters of Fedar sublimation printer. In areas with severe weather, you should choose strong weather resistance ink, pay attention to physical or chemical reaction of ink due to climate change, pay attention to storage requirements of ink, ink has a shelf life, and it is not recommended to store a large amount of ink.Generally, users are recommended to use original ink, because Fedar sublimation printer uses matching original ink from printer development to finished product inspection, which has a higher tacit understanding and more stability.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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