Importance of Fedar sublimation printer grounding wire

February 26, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer must be connected to ground during use. Especially in cold winter, in order to prevent printer from generating static electricity, sublimation textile printer must be grounded.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

First: When air is dry, problem of static electricity cannot be ignored. When printing with Fedar sublimation printer material, it is easy to generate static electricity, which can cause damage to Fedar sublimation printer and heads. The only way to discharge static electricity is to use a grounding wire.

Second: Because human body is also a major source of static electricity, please make sure that your hands are discharged (touching a grounded metal body or wearing an anti-static bracelet) when operating Fedar sublimation printer with power, otherwise it will easily cause damage to Fedar sublimation printer.

Grounding wire requirements and methods:

1. Grounding wire should be a mechanically strong single-strand copper wire or coil winding.

2. Contact cannot be built and shared with lightning protection line.

As a manufacturer and actual user of Fedar sublimation printer, we should pay attention to specific methods of anti-static for Fedar sublimation printer, especially in cold and dry winter. This will not only avoid unnecessary losses.

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