If there is a problem with paper feeding of Fedar sublimation printer

April 12, 2021

In sublimation textile printer printing process, paper feeding is one of most basic links. However, when Fedar sublimation printer is used for a long time, paper feeding problems may occur. Today, Fedar sublimation printer factory will share with you reasons why sublimation textile printer does not feed paper when stepping and how to solve it!

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1.Stepping motor of fedar sublimation printer is faulty.Entire paper feeding process of Fedar sublimation printer is driven by a stepping motor. When stepping motor fails, such as a damaged main board, a sensor failure, etc., sublimation textile printer will step but not feed paper. At this time, motor needs to be inspected, maintained or replaced.


2.Fedar sublimation printer's paper feeding system is abnormal. Under normal circumstances, when there is debris on paper feeding platform of Fedar sublimation printer that blocks paper, Fedar sublimation printer will not feed paper; in addition, when paper feeder of Fedar sublimation printer fails and does not work, it will also cause Fedar sublimation printer to feed abnormally. At this time, it is necessary to check lower paper feeding system, clean up abnormal links and replace faulty parts.


3.Pressing roller problem. There is a component in Fedar sublimation printer called "pressing roller", which is used to ensure that paper is smooth and not skewed. However, when pressure roller does not rotate, pressure is too tight or too loose, it will also cause sublimation textile printer to not feed paper smoothly, or even cause paper to not feed. At this point, test to see if there is any problem with pressure roller, and adjust or replace it in time.


4.Paper press sheet problem. When paper press sheet is too tight, paper will not feed smoothly, or even paper will not feed. At this time, paper press sheet needs to be loosened to ensure smooth paper feed.

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