How to use ink absorber of Fedar sublimation printer head?

February 02, 2021

Main function of ink absorber of Fedar sublimation printer head is to remove air in ink tube and print head, in order to ensure that ink jet pipeline of print head is smooth. Following editor will show you how to use ink absorber.

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1. Do not let go when you use ink absorber to absorb ink for Fedar sublimation printer head. If you accidentally get ink from ink absorber into print head, it will cause ink to pump back and cause color mixing.


2. Do not unplug ink absorber immediately after suction force is lost. This will cause pressure in pipeline to be unbalanced and cause Fedar sublimation printer head to have nozzle missing. So when there is no pumping force, you must remember to put syringe for more than 10 seconds before taking it off. In this way, nozzle line pressure is balanced and nozzle missing will be rarely occurred.

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