How to use Fedar sublimation printer in high temperature season?

December 24, 2020

High temperature environment has a certain impact on electronic board accessories, inkjet printing operation, printing media, image color, etc. of Fedar sublimation printer. It is very necessary to give Fedar sublimation printer a cool working environment in high temperature and hot summer.

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In high temperature environment, pay attention to cooling down working environment of Fedar sublimation printer. Keep temperature of working environment not exceeding 35 degrees. Especially when Fedar sublimation printer is in a long-term uninterrupted printing work condition, too high temperature will easily cause related control board of Fedar sublimation printer to appear high temperature, which will affect printing performance.


If working environment temperature of Fedar sublimation printer is too high or too low, it will cause Fedar sublimation printer head to nozzle missing, because ink used in Fedar sublimation printer has a specified working environment index, and viscosity index of ink will change with change of ambient temperature.


When Fedar sublimation printer is working in summer, working environment must be ventilated to cool down in time. Because in a poorly ventilated work space, heat emitted by Fedar sublimation printer and accumulation of room temperature will easily cause overall room temperature to be too high, and Fedar sublimation printer is easy to be affected by temperature and related failures will affect normal printing of Fedar sublimation printer.

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