How to use Fedar sublimation printer heating system?

April 19, 2021

In a cold and low temperature environment, sublimation textile printer will be prone to printing failures, for example, picture will dry slowly or even spread after sublimation textile printer prints out. In fact, correct use of heating system and drying equipment of Fedar sublimation printer can quickly solve problem.

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Use of printing heating system of Fedar sublimation printer: In cold and low temperature working environment, it is recommended to turn on heater 10 minutes before printing, and heating temperature is set to be lower than 30℃. If temperature is too high, it will cause problems such as paper arching.


If ink absorption performance of sublimation textile printer material is greatly affected by ambient temperature, when ambient temperature cannot be maintained above 15 ℃, it is likely that ink diffusion problem will occur even when heating system is turned on. It is recommended to turn on Fedar sublimation printer’s platform heating system to heat materials to improve ink absorption performance. The heater temperature is recommended to be lower than 40℃, otherwise it will cause problems such as wiping nozzles and jamming due to material being too soft. Use back-heat system, with an external dryer, set temperature to about 45°C to 55°C, which can quickly dry printed image screen, but be careful not to heat humidity too high to prevent paper material from being deformed by baking.

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