How to solve the problem that the printer cannot detect the paper?

August 05, 2020

The textile sublimation printing machine sometimes clearly shows that there is paper but it keeps prompting that there is no paper, which leads to the failure of normal use. How to deal with this problem that printer cannot detect the paper?


The textile sublimation printing machine uses a sensor to test the paper, referred to as a paper tester. If the part is wrong, there will be a problem that the paper cannot be tested. If there is an error in daily work, we can troubleshoot and solve it through the following steps.


1. The cable of the paper tester is not inserted properly. If the cable is not plugged in, it will directly report Internal ERROR shutdown Bad carriage paper sensor. At this time, check whether the connection with the car is correct.

2. There is shredded paper that has not been taken out. This problem is the most common, just remove the excess shredded paper to solve it.

3. The printer sensor is dirty. Use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to clean the sensor.

4. The paper tester is not installed correctly. Remove the paper tester and reinstall it.

5.The paper measuring device is burnt out. The paper tester is not expensive, just buy a new one and replace it.


In order not to affect the use of the textile sublimation printing machine, users can check and clean regularly to minimize the probability of failure. In addition, it is recommended that users buy several paper testers just in case.

Printer Cannot Detect Paper