How to solve the problem of printer automatic ink supply system?

July 14, 2020

Blockage of the ink path is the most common failure in the ink supply system of the epson sublimation printer. Let's introduce how to solve it by Fedar epson sublimation printer technicians.


1.The ink line is blocked


Inspection method: While ensuring that both the ink suction nozzle and the ink injection nozzle are not blocked, loosen the rubber cap to allow the cartridge to breathe, and use a syringe to draw ink from the ink outlet of the ink cartridge. If the ink level in the external ink cartridge does not float down, it can be concluded that the ink line is blocked.  


Solution: first check whether there are foreign objects on both ends of the ink line causing blockage. If there are short crystals or foreign objects, you can use a straightened paper clip to remove it;


2.The failure phenomenon: When performing the ink pumping process many times, the syringe pumping force needs to be large, and most of the pumped out is air, and one color is completely disconnected (usually black) 


Reason: clogged ink suction nozzle


Inspection method: peel off the rubber cap, take out the ink line and ink suction nozzle, pull out the ink suction nozzle from the end of the ink pipeline, rinse the ink suction nozzle with clean water, and check whether it is blocked in the bright place. 


Solution: Insert the needle of the syringe into the ink suction nozzle to clear it.


3. The air guide groove (hole) of the external ink cartridge is blocked. 


Inspection method: In the case that the above three possibilities have been eliminated, it can be judged that the air guide groove (hole) of the external ink cartridge is blocked.


Solution: You can use the tip of the pen to contact the air hole to check whether the air hole is blocked. If there is a hard object, remove it. Otherwise, the air duct is blocked, please contact your dealer.

Fedar Epson Sublimation Printer Ink Blocked