How to solve streaks in printing screen of Fedar sublimation printer?

March 22, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer is widely used in our daily lives, so do you know how to deal with streaks when we print images? Following Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers will answer for you.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

1. Print head of Fedar sublimation printer is blocked or reaches end of its life
It is necessary to print a cleaning test strip. If nozzle shows a black color block, it generally means that nozzle has been damaged and cannot be used anymore; if there is a disconnection in middle of nozzle, it generally means that nozzle is blocked and can be used again by cleaning.


2. Ink absorption of media of Fedar sublimation printer is poor;
Try some standard media with good ink absorption. When sublimation printer working, you can observe whether darker part has cracks, no ink absorption, and slow drying. If this phenomenon occurs, you need to replace a standard media.


3. Ink quality problems of Fedar sublimation printer;
Using poor-quality printing ink will produce some deposits, etc., which will cause sublimation textile printer head blockage and streaks in printing.

Sublimation Textile Printer

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