How to solve problem of color cast on Fedar sublimation printer?

January 07, 2021

When users use Fedar sublimation printer to print, they will pursue exquisiteness of picture and reproduction of colors. However, in practical applications, due to various reasons, excellent performance of Fedar sublimation printer cannot be fully utilized, and problems such as color cast and other problems occur.

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Color cast of output image of Fedar sublimation printer is a common problem in application of Fedar sublimation printer, which can be avoided through standard operation and rich experience. Reasons for color cast of output image of Fedar sublimation printer are as follows:


1.Image color mode is RGB, and color mode used for printing is CMYK. Image in RGB mode is printed with color difference. So before printing, check whether image mode in software of Fedar sublimation printer used is RGB or CMYK. If it is RGB, you need to change it to CMYK. At same time, pay attention to color correction after mode conversion.


2.Pay attention to check whether ink is original ink from Fedar sublimation printer factory. It is recommended that you do not choose low-quality inks for cheap. Because original inks of Fedar sublimation printer factory have undergone tests such as color proofreading and ink curve correction, there is a good complementarity and coordination between ink colors, so as to ensure best color restoration.


3.Color cast of print output of Fedar sublimation printer is also related to computer color management, display resolution, printer resolution and printing media. The better performance of computer, the more detailed and accurate computer's color display, so it is recommended that users try to use a computer with good performance if conditions permit.


4.Clogging of Fedar sublimation printer head will cause lack of a certain color, resulting in color cast of output image. At this time, user can use ink pumping cleaning function of Fedar sublimation printer to perform ink pumping cleaning.

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