How to solve many stripes when printing with digital printing machine?

May 06, 2020

Have you ever seen stripes in printing when using fedar digital printing machines? Today we will briefly analyze the causes and solutions.
1.The nozzle of the fedar digital printing machine is very small and meticulous, almost the size of the dust in the air. If there is dust in the operation of the digital printing machine, it is easy to block the printhead, so, it is also very important for the digital printing machine to have a clean working environment.
2.The printhead is the most important part in the internal structure of the fedar digital printing machine, and it is very precise. Therefore, we must pay attention to maintenance. When using digital printing machines to print pictures, we must avoid large collisions and vibrations.
3.We must pay attention to the selection of high-quality cartridges,inferior cartridges will cause printhead clogging, which affects the quality of printed pictures. If the printhead is clogged seriously, the digital printing machine cannot work normally.
4.The ink quality should be high, it is best to choose original ink.High quality ink is also very helpful for printhead life.
5.The fedar digital printing machine has certain requirements on temperature, it is not suitable for working at high or low temperature. Excessively high temperature can easily corrode printer parts and nozzles. The large changes in temperature environment will cause the digital printing machine to contain a large amount of engineering plastic parts thermal expansion, resulting in the wear of digital printing machine parts.And it may also cause the nozzle to become larger, affecting the quality of the pictures of digital printing machine.

Solutions of Printing Stripes