How to save ink used in Fedar sublimation printer?

January 08, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer ink is a consumable, amount of ink used directly affects operating cost of Fedar sublimation printer. To save unnecessary ink is to save costs. How can I reduce amount of ink used?

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In process of using, it is necessary to reduce number of start-ups of Fedar sublimation printer, because print head must be cleaned every time it is restarted. Process of cleaning print head requires ink pump to pump out a part of ink. In general, use quick cleaning function, because other cleaning functions waste more ink.


If you don’t have a particularly high requirement on accuracy of picture, you don’t need to choose a high-pass printing mode, which is also very useful for saving ink. Printing speed can also reach best in economy printing mode of Fedar sublimation printer.


It is necessary to maintain Fedar sublimation printer regularly to keep Fedar sublimation printer in good working condition, and avoid Fedar sublimation printer from stopping in middle of printing, causing waste of ink and paper.


Regularly check ink path of Fedar sublimation printer to ensure that there is no blockage of ink path. Otherwise, nozzle missing will occur easily, and cleaning function must be used.


Above method of saving ink for Fedar sublimation printer hopes to be helpful to everyone. In fact, as long as user of Fedar sublimation printer finds a suitable curve and keeps Fedar sublimation printer in best working condition, best use effect can be achieved.

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