How to replace the stepper motor for the digital printing machine?

August 03, 2020

Basically every digital printing machine has 2 motors, both the paper feeding motor and the car motor. During the printing process of the digital printing machine, the print head must be moved back and forth to complete the printing work, and the power brought by the motor, and the paper feed motor is no exception. How to replace the motor if it is damaged?


First of all, the life of the motor is very long and it is not easy to be damaged. Therefore, we must first determine whether the motor is damaged before replacing it. For example, remove the cover and turn on the motor and observe whether the motor rotates. Because of the damage of the transmission belt and the gear bite problem, the car and paper also cannot work normally.


If it is a motor problem, you can replace the motor according to the next steps.


1.Disconnect the power and use a screwdriver to open the cover of the digital printing machine.

2. Remove the connecting wire of the motor. Before unplugging the connecting wire, you must remember where it was originally connected, otherwise the wrong interface will burn the motor and cause the risk of damage to the main board.

3. Remove the drive belt, pay attention to the process, and don’t use excessive force to damage the motor.

4.Remove the old motor and install the new one.


The installation process must be paid attention to, the whole process can be completed with a screwdriver, and hammers or the like can not be used for percussion, because the digital printing machine is a precision equipment, if it receives an impact, it may cause secondary damage.

How to Replace the Printer Stepper Motor