How to reduce future impact caused by CoVid-19 together with Fedar

March 23, 2020

Economies are slowing down even shutoff due to the increasingly spreading of CoVid-19, no matter the traditional printing or digital printing business are affected seriously.

A better solution is to decentralise our production and to take advantage of our manufacturing technologies to produce more things closer to the point of purchase. This plays to the strengths of digital technologies for short run, highly customisable production. This applies particularly to textile printing, with inkjet being more sustainable than traditional manufacturing.

According to industry professionals, if there is no virus epidemic, digital printing will grow by two to three times in 2020. This growth number is undoubtedly amazing. When the epidemic situation has gradually stabilized, the economy will be bound to rise in an all-round way. It is a good time for digital printing to show its skills!

As a professional digital printing machine manufacturer, I believe our Fedar series dye sublimation printer will help you expand business in the near future. 

Fedar digital printing machine manufacturer