How to realize accuracy of printing color of Fedar sublimation printer?

January 15, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer is widely used in textile printing industry. In choice of printing machine, users are pursuing higher printing accuracy, faster printing speed, and more stable performance. There is also a crucial factor, that is, color accuracy of printing. So, how to realize color standardization of sublimation textile printer?

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1. Printing machine

Accuracy of color performance of printed screen can better reflect color gamut effect of screen. Fedar sublimation printer can achieve ideal application effect in inkjet printing industry and meet industry's high requirements for color accuracy.


2. Ink

In order to ensure color accuracy, in addition to high-precision printing technology support, high-quality ink is also required. Choice of ink has a certain relationship with color gamut correction of sublimation textile printer ink curve and adjustment of color scheme of sublimation textile printer. Correct ink selection will make output picture of Fedar sublimation printer closer to original picture, and achieve rich color expression.


3. RIP

In operation of sublimation textile printer, if you use high-quality ink, high-performance Fedar sublimation printer, and a high-standard software, you will surely be able to achieve a more perfect color effect on printed screen. Because ink curve is an inkjet scheme set for a specific scenario (for example: a specific ink, a specific inkjet printer, a specific printing medium). Therefore, in selection of consumables for Fedar sublimation printer, it is recommended that users must choose and use original ink provided by manufacturer or recommended high-quality ink.


Therefore, in color accuracy of sublimation printers, three core factors of inkjet print output quality are: high-quality sublimation textile printer, high-quality original ink selection, and high-standard RIP printing procedures (including drivers and ink output solutions,etc.), unification of three can achieve high-quality color effect of picture.

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