How to protect Fedar sublimation printer in rainy weather?

January 26, 2021

Fedar sublimation printer not only has requirements for working environment, but also has requirements for temperature and humidity. Severe environments such as sudden drop in temperature and continuous rain can cause problems such as slow drying of picture. We can solve it by following methods:

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1. Picture output by Fedar sublimation printer can be flattened. Remember not to overlap picture to prevent ink from sticking together because picture does not dry, and image is stained with other colors, so that it can dry naturally; you can also use a fan to speed up drying speed of picture.


2. Fedar sublimation printer is equipped with heating and drying equipment to dry picture. For example: cold air drying system, using a two-stage air drying design, can dry materials of different sizes.


3. Replace ink of Fedar sublimation printer with fast drying. It is best to use ink specified by Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer or ink recommended by manufacturer; because ink brand is different, its chemical composition and dryness are also different.


In cloudy days, we must pay attention to problem of dry output of Fedar sublimation printer, and we must pay attention to environment where printing materials of Fedar sublimation printer are stored to avoid printing materials from being damp due to environmental reasons.

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