How to protect Fedar sublimation printer from moisture?

December 29, 2020

Do users of Fedar sublimation printer know how to protect Fedar sublimation printer from moisture? Maybe many users don't understand it so well. Please follow Fedar sublimation printer manufacturers to find out below.

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1. Be sure to close doors and windows in room where Fedar sublimation printer is working, to avoid rainwater entering room and getting wet, because board card accessories inside Fedar sublimation printer are easy to be damp and corroded, and even line short circuit due to moisture, and board card nozzles are burned.


2. Use an air dehumidifier in a place with severe dampness, which can effectively dehumidify of Fedar sublimation printer.


3.Humid air will cause slow drying of output screen of Fedar sublimation printer. It is recommended that users turn on printing heating function of Fedar sublimation printer or an external dryer when working. Appropriately slowing down printing speed will also help screen dry.

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