How to prevent the printhead from being burnt out?

May 14, 2020

Printing manufacturers with fedar digital printing machines know that the printhead plays an important role, and it is not cheap. It is an indispensable part in the printing process. So how to prevent the printhead of fedar digital printing machine from being burnt out?


1. When the printhead is installed, the printer must be powered off
If the print head is installed when the fedar printer is powered on, it is easy to break the print head. After installing the print head, gently push the car back and forth to see if it is smooth. If the car is controllable, the print head has been installed already.


2. Don't install ink while the fedar printer’s power is on
Don't install ink when the fedar digital printing machine is powered on, and then carefully check whether there is poor contact, otherwise the printhead may be short-circuited and cause burnout.


3. Protection measures
The surface of the printhead should be protected, and be careful not to collide, so as not to cause deformation and damage of the printhead, which will make the digital printing machine unusable.


4. Make samples before using the fedar digital printing machine
The printhead of the newly installed digital printing machine generally contains air. It is best to print the sample first, and wait until the air in the nozzle is gradually discharged before printing.

How to Prevent the Printhead from Being Burnt out