How to prevent nozzle missing of fedar sublimation printer?

September 27, 2020

How to prevent nozzle missing of fedar sublimation printer? In process of printing images using fedar sublimation printer, I believe many customers have encountered nozzle missing, which is the most troublesome problem. Therefore, users should understand reasons and take precautions in advance.
Fedar Sublimation Printer Nozzle Missing
1.Before starting up fedar sublimation printer, check whether ink remaining in ink cartridge is sufficient, and check whether entire ink tube is bent, damaged, or has air. Check damper filter is attached to impurities and whether there is ink in damper; if there is no problem with the above, you can start fedar sublimation printer to print test strip.


2.Check whether test strip by fedar sublimation printer is complete. If test strip is faulty, it can be cleaned. Cleaning effect is not good. It is mainly manifested in that there are always nozzle missing every time you clean, which are not fixed nozzle missing;ink absorption effect is not good. Waste ink tube is not ink but a large number of bubbles; if above situation occurs, the position of capping station and cap need to be re-adjusted to achieve better cleaning effect. If there are a lot of bubbles in waste ink tube When cleaning, it proves that there is leak between cap and fedar sublimation printer head.

3.Insufficient indoor temperature and humidity will also cause poor ink discharge;too much ink on wiper, too dirty, too humid, and deformed cap, and damage to the waste ink tube will also occur nozzle missing.

Regarding above points, you can analyze according to actual situation of fedar sublimation printer to find root cause of nozzle missing, so as to better solve these situations.

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