How to prevent image damage after printing?

July 03, 2020

We all hope that the beautiful images output by the sublimation printing machine can be kept longer. In addition to human factors, what other aspects can avoid image damage?

1. UV protection: One method of UV protection is coating or over-gluing. Chemicals or UV absorbers on the film can extend the life of the image several times.

2.Rainproof: Rainwater and moisture will make the image wrinkle. The key to prevention is over-gluing. When over-gluing, ensure that the surrounding area is sealed.

3. Anti-graffiti: If the production cost is higher, customers can be advised to use anti-graffiti coatings, they can be wiped off with solvents. If you do not intend to spend more money, you can use thick vinyl film or use high-strength polycarbonate adhesive.   

4.Anti-pollution: One of the solutions is to use high-quality film to image covered with glue before and after.

5. Anti-scratch: To prevent the image from being damaged by scratches, use high-strength polycarbonate adhesive.   

6. Prevent temperature difference: If the image is in the temperature environment of 100 ℃ or 0 ℃ for too long, pay special attention to the processing. If the temperature is too low, the image will crack, and if it is too hot, the coating of the image may fall off or become soft, making the image unclear. It is recommended to use polyester film to produce images better than vinyl film at high temperatures.

How to prevent image damage after printing