How to make Fedar sublimation printer have a longer life?

November 20, 2020

Like other machine, Fedar sublimation printer usually requires careful maintenance to make it work better and make printer longer life!

Fedar Sublimation Printer Life

1. When Fedar sublimation printer is in normal printing, do not touch Fedar sublimation printer head directly with your hands to avoid accidental injury.


2. When Fedar sublimation printer is not working, please turn off power and cover the dust cover.


3. When Fedar sublimation printer is turned on, give printer a few seconds of buffering, and then perform operation.


4. When replacing paper, pay attention to weight of paper roll. When loading paper, pay attention to the paper not to be biased. Finally, pay attention to correct placement of pressure lever.


5. Ink cartridge must be replaced in non-working state of Fedar sublimation printer. When installing ink cartridge, pay attention to position of card slot. Do not install it forcefully. If Fedar sublimation printer is not used for a long time,ink cartridge is easy to be blocked. You can wipe it gently with an alcohol cotton ball.


6. In order to avoid damage to Fedar sublimation printer due to power supply problems such as voltage instability, please install a voltage stabilizer and other necessary protection for Fedar sublimation printer.


7. Pay attention to normal connection of Fedar sublimation printer's data line and computer, and carry out reasonable wiring.


8.If there is a problem with Fedar sublimation printer, do not disassemble and repair it yourself. You can contact professional and technical personnel for inspection and maintenance.

Fedar Sublimation Printer

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