How to maintain motherboard of Fedar sublimation printer?

January 22, 2021

Motherboard can be said to be "heart" of Fedar sublimation printer, and motherboard is one of expensive accessories of Fedar sublimation printer. How do we maintain it?

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First is to find a professional sublimation textile printer technical team to maintain entire printer for us; second is to maintain a stable voltage when using, third is to select a good ink.


So how to choose good ink for Fedar sublimation printer?


1. Acidity and alkalinity of ink, for example, metal parts of Fedar sublimation printer will be corroded if it touches ink. It is recommended that you use neutral pH printer ink.


2. Fluidity of ink is good or bad. Buy some trial inks and put them in air, and observe if there are any serious particle problems in one month, then you can distinguish fluidity.


3.Pay attention to preservation of ink. Strictly control indoor temperature and humidity.


This is not only reason why motherboard of Fedar sublimation printer is burnt out. The most common reason is that circuit line connected to print head is not connected properly and motherboard is burnt out; Fedar sublimation printer's own power supply cannot adjust voltage, which causes printer to short-circuit and burn motherboard; or voltage is too high and voltage is not maintained at 220 voltage, resulting in burnout; electrolyte in printer can not decompose some inferior ink, causing burnout of nozzles and burnout of motherboard.

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