How to maintain Fedar sublimation printer in summer?

January 21, 2021

In summer, weather is hot and humidity is high. How to provide a comfortable working environment for Fedar sublimation printer is a question that users want to understand. Today, Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer will show you maintenance method.

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1. Keep temperature of working environment of Fedar sublimation printer not exceeding 40 degrees. Viscosity of ink of Fedar sublimation printer will be affected at high temperature, and it will occur nozzle missing, which will affect work.


2. Using Fedar sublimation printer to work continuously in summer, too high temperature will easily cause related control board of Fedar sublimation printer to malfunction and affect printing performance. Data chip on motherboard will affect data transmission when temperature is high, and printing speed will slow down.


3.For areas with a lot of rain in summer, pay attention to humidity of working environment not exceeding 60%. In high temperature working environment of summer, working environment of Fedar sublimation printer should be ventilated and cooled to provide a comfortable working environment for Fedar sublimation printer.

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