How to maintain Fedar sublimation printer encoder strip?

December 04, 2020

Different components play a pivotal role in the precise inkjet process of Fedar sublimation printer. The main function of encoder strip mentioned today is positioning. Dirty or damage will cause Fedar sublimation printer to produce abnormal images. Then, how to maintain encoder strip?

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First, let's understand encoder strip of Fedar sublimation printer. It is generally located behind the small frame of the nozzle and is a transparent film with faint vertical lines arranged in an orderly manner, like a scale. We call the distance between every two vertical lines a unit, and encoder can perceive and read this data to determine size and position of the cart.


In practical applications, many users will encounter the problem of obliquely outputting images. This is probably caused by too much dust left on encoder strip. It is recommended to clean it immediately. The technicians of Fedar sublimation printer manufacturer suggest to use low-concentration alcohol, because high-concentration is corrosive, and distilled water can't wipe out the stains thoroughly. The specific method is: dip a cotton swab in a low-concentration alcohol solution, and then scrub it from beginning to end at one time. Do not scrub back and forth again and again to avoid abrasion of encoder strip surface.

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