How to install ground wire to Fedar sublimation printer?

January 14, 2021

Static electricity is an objective natural phenomenon that can be seen everywhere in life, but electrostatic discharge will interfere with normal operation of printer. As a kind of precision printing machine, Fedar sublimation printer is necessary to prevent static electricity.

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Especially when climate is dry, Fedar sublimation printer will generate a lot of static electricity, which will directly cause damage to print head, circuit and other electronic components. Therefore, Fedar sublimation printer should be properly grounded.

How to ground wire?


If conditions permit, following operations can be performed on non-cement floors:


① Use 3 galvanized steel angles greater than 40*40mm (or φ32mm2 round steel) to drive into ground at a depth of not less than 2 meters, each with a spacing of not less than 1 meter, and then use galvanized flat steel (50mm*5mm) to secure these three steels together and open a φ8mm hole at end;


②distance between grounding body and building is not less than 2 meters;


③Use insulated copper wire larger than φ6mm2 as lead, one end is fixed with grounding body with M8 screws, and other end is connected with Fedar sublimation printer grounding lead;


★If user's power supply has a standard ground wire input port, connect ground lead of device to this port firmly.


In autumn, static electricity will grow in a large amount. When using Fedar sublimation printer, users must apply above methods to their application.

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